Wartime Forest Steam Gala

Date: 13th to 21st May - 13th, 14th, 20th & 21st May

Commemorating the relaunch of the Austerity Saddle Tank “Rennes”, which is being rededicated on the 13th in its Longmoor Military Railway livery, the Dean Forest Railway is running a special Wartime Gala.

On the first weekend (13th/14th) Rennes will be joined by ex War Department Austerity Saddle Tank “Sapper” and our own Prairie "5541".

On the second weekend we will also be joined by another Austerity "Swiftsure" (5541 will not ben running).

Timetables are now available for all four days:

Saturday 13th May - Sunday 14th May - Saturday 20th May - Sunday 21st May

"Rennes" in its restored livery

With many additional military displays, including military vehicles, a special freight train with military vehicle displays, and reenactors, these weekends will also celebrate the 95th anniversary of the British Legion, with £1 from every ticket sold going to our local Lydney branch of the British Legion.

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