Lydney Junction

Lydney Junction is our 'business end' of our railway, with our link to the mainline.  Our station is only 5 minutes walk from the Lydney Mainline station.  There are few facilities at Lydney Junction itself, apart from a small waiting room and toilets, but it does give excellent viewing opportunities to see the locomotives close up, and the operation of the level crossing gates and the 'run round' procedures.

The signalbox is always manned, and controls the trains from Norchard to the Junction, and controls the crossing gates.  

Also based at Lydney is the Dean Forest Diesel Association, and you will see the mainline locomotives in various stages of restoration.

From Lydney junction there is a pleasant walk along the old trackbed to Lydney Harbour - which has expansive views over the River Severn to Sharpness and beyond.  The walk is a 2 mile round trip and is recommended (there are no facilities at Lydney harbour, and take care with children on the dock edges).

Lydney Town

As the name suggests, the town station is central to the town, and the shops are easily accessible.  The station is usually manned, has a small waiting room but no toilets.

The other side of the road is bathurst park, which is a well maintained local park with a childrens play area, an excellent floral display, a cafe and fine views of the railway.

Overlooking the crossing at the end of the station is the Lydney branch of the Royal British Legion, and they occupy the original headquarters of the Severn & Wye Railway.


Our main station and the home of the museum, shop and new cafe (details on all 3 on other pages).

Also here is our locomotive restoration shed, which although we are happy to show people around, please make sure you find a volunteer to guide you as it can be a dangerous place with welding/grinding/engineering activity.

Riverside Stroll
Opposite the old mine water outfall, take the steps down to the river from our Norchard car park. Follow the footpath to the left along the riverside. It is sometimes possible to see some interesting and unusual birds - such as dippers and grey wagtails - on this stretch of the river.


Our newest station, Whitecroft opened in 2012.  It has a waiting room, and toilets.

Next door to a fine real ale pub - the Miners Arms, where you can receive a 10% discount on production of your ticket.  Further down in the village is Al's Plaice - Fish and Chips, or the Royal Oak pub.

You can walk alongside the railway for a short distance, but then join the road to walk onto Parkend.


Our north most terminus, and a classic branchline station.  The station has a cosy waiting room and toilet facilities.  The signalbox is being restored and returned to operation soon.

There are several walks in and around Parkend. An off-road walk back to Norchard (3 1/2 miles), and the villages of Moseley Green (1 1/2 miles) and Whitecroft (1 mile) are within easy walking distance with Real Ale pubs at both destinations.

Walking guides are also available at Parkend and Norchard for a walk around Darkhill Ironworks site (2miles west of Parkend) and Cannop Ponds (1 1/2 miles north). Lydney harbour (1 1/4 miles from Lydney Junction) has expansive views of the Severn Bridges, the river, Sharpness and access to the old harbour trail.


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